Conducting Workplace Investigations

In the last several years, workplace investigations of sexual harassment complaints, discrimination and retaliation have evolved from an occasional suggestion of management – used sporadically to support a difficult employment decision or to satisfy an employee complainant – to an essential procedure that could quite possibly single-handedly protect an employer from legal liability.

The importance of conducting a prompt, thorough, fair and efficient investigation cannot be overstated, and is virtually mandatory if an employer expects to prevent, resolve or defend against claims of workplace misconduct.

An investigation usually consists of interviewing relevant witnesses, gathering documents and making other inquiries to produce a report that can be used to make employment decisions or defend against imminent or pending legal action.

Over 100 Investigations Completed Nationwide

Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia, LLC’s workplace investigation practice was founded and is managed by member Michael Torchia. Mr. Torchia is a well-known investigator who has conducted over 100 investigations nationwide.

In addition to regularly conducting workplace investigations, he trains other attorneys and human resources personnel in workplace investigations and has written frequently on the topic, including a chapter on investigations in the Pennsylvania Employment Deskbook from PBI Press.

In addition to being hired as an investigator, Mr. Torchia is often retained as an expert witness to provide his professional opinion about the sufficiency of other workplace investigations and has been qualified (approved) in federal court as an expert witness to provide such an opinion.

Experienced Across A Variety Of Employment Claims

We regularly investigate a variety of employment claims, including sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour issues, and other forms of employee misconduct.

Although our clients often request investigations while we are sorting other legal matters for them, we are also frequently retained by companies or law firms to conduct independent workplace investigations. These independent investigations are performed as a neutral and not as counsel. We will partner with specialists if necessary, such as forensic accountants or computer experts.


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Michael J. Torchia