Knowledgeable Legal Guidance With Commercial And Residential Leases

At Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia, LLC, our experienced real estate attorneys represent businesses of all sizes. Leasing property can be one of the most significant costs that our clients incur. Before your business signs a lease, it is crucial that the lease first be evaluated by a real estate lawyer to ensure that the terms are fair and will not negatively impact your financial well-being in the upcoming months or years.

In-Depth Evaluation Of Your Lease

Our legal team has significant experience evaluating and negotiating leases. Whether you are the property owner or the renter, we will alert you to potential problems with the lease terms and develop solutions to protect your best interests. A thorough analysis of the lease up front can help you prevent disagreements and costly litigation in the future.

We will evaluate all aspects of the drafted lease, including:

  • Lease term
  • Security deposit
  • Rent and bundled costs
  • Rules for modifying/improving the property
  • Commercial sign specifications
  • Repairs
  • Subleases
  • Lease termination

A Team Of Accomplished Litigators

If problems with your lease arise after signing, the skilled litigators of Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia, LLC​, can confidently advocate on your behalf. We regularly represent landlords, tenants, managers, brokers and agents in state and federal courts.

We are also talented mediators and arbitrators. Our attorneys will resolve your legal issue in the most efficient and cost-effective method available.


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