Results-Oriented Personal Injury And Workers’ Compensation Representation

Herold Semanoff, Esq. applies a high degree of professionalism and employs a results-oriented approach to personal injury litigation.

Personal injury matters are frightening occurrences often leaving the injured individual unable to work and with unexpected medical bills. Our attorneys take the time to listen to clients and develop a sense of their needs, hopes and concerns.

Mr. Semanoff, along with veteran investigators and a thorough legal support staff, engage in aggressive fact-finding to facilitate timely and positive results. In evaluating cases and preparing them for trial, our staff utilizes sophisticated computer technology to analyze potential jury verdicts, to conduct online research of potential defendants and expert witnesses, to reconstruct accident scenarios, and to prepare state of the art graphics and courtroom exhibits.

Experience with complex issues, exhaustive attention to detail, and access to a network of resources and experts place our firm in an excellent position to serve and protect the interests of our clients.

Medical Malpractice: Effective And Professional Counsel

Medical malpractice litigation is extremely complex and labor intensive. It involves the use of highly skilled experts and requires a significant commitment of both time and financial resources on the part of our law firm.

Not all unexpected medical results, however, rise to the level of medical malpractice and, for that reason, great care is taken in the initial fact-finding process. Medical records are always meticulously reviewed and, where appropriate, submitted to experts for evaluation prior to deciding whether to accept a potential medical malpractice case.

If, after a thorough review and analysis of the medical and legal aspects of a matter, Mr. Semanoff accepts a case, it is pursued aggressively and with determination. The firm has a well-earned reputation for effectiveness and professionalism with regard to medical malpractice cases.

Product Liability: Thorough Investigation And Commitment

Many of the products we use as consumers today have warning labels, signs or safety features that are a direct consequence of product liability litigation. When a dangerous or defective product injures one of our clients, the product is thoroughly evaluated by an expert to determine whether its design was proper, whether a defect in the product existed, and whether appropriate warning labels, signs or devices were employed by the manufacturer.

Product liability cases, like medical malpractice cases, involve the use of technical experts and, therefore, require a commitment on the part of the firm to invest its time and financial resources to protect our clients’ rights.

Automobile Accidents: Aggressively Resolving Claims

Automobile accidents account for a significant number of personal injuries. At Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia, LLC, we strive to coordinate all aspects of our clients’ case by monitoring medical care, seeing that our clients’ vehicle is quickly repaired, and that medical bills and lost wages are paid.

Of even greater importance, however, is our commitment to aggressively resolving our clients’ claims for the pain and suffering caused by the negligence of others. As with all other personal injury cases accepted by the firm, automobile accident claims are vigorously pursued and we stand prepared to litigate each case to its conclusion, in an attempt to maximize the financial recovery for our clients.

“What To Do In Case of An Auto Accident”

Workers’ Compensation: Helping Injured Workers Gain Benefits

Before the enactment of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, employees had to sue their employers and prove negligence before receiving any benefits for work-related injuries. Under that system, the employee, during the pendency of a lawsuit, had no means of income and no insurance coverage for medical expenses. This often left the worker’s family with no income.

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act corrected that fundamental inequity by requiring employers to maintain workers’ compensation insurance covering their employees. The act provides liberal benefits to workers upon proof that injury occurred in the course of employment and that the injury resulted in disability.

Over the years, Mr. Semanoff at Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia, LLC, has handled a large variety and volume of workers’ compensation cases, successfully protecting the rights of our clients and their financial security. Recent legislative amendments to the act have made this a highly technical and complex area of the law. Even workers already receiving benefits, without challenge, are encouraged to consult with us so we can educate them on the workers’ compensation process and ease their anxiety by responding to their questions.


Harold Semanoff