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Mike and Chuck,
Hope you got a little downtime this weekend. I really can’t thank you enough for Friday’s web forum. Lots of folks were so grateful just to be connected with people who were able to “translate this stuff into plain English,” as one person put it. You’ve been so generous with your time leading up to the webinar, during, and I’m sure afterward, too (I know at least one of our members has already been in touch with Mike directly). We always talk about our collective abundance here at PANO, and the two of you have certainly been part of that during this crisis. Thanks again for your time, your expertise, and your good humor. It was a pleasure working with you both!
Christina Spadaro, Director of Learning & Education

Katie Marriott was a late addition to our acquisition team as we were unsatisfied with the activity level of our previous counsel. We absolutely bombed Katie with documents the minute she joined the team and she got up to speed virtually overnight and quickly added value to our efforts. Outcome is still pending, but Katie has become our key adviser on the acquisition. SOGT attorneys clearly “get it” as legal advisers to business clients – value for fees; realistic, practical solutions to business issues and easy and accommodating to work with. SOGT has the accessibility, diligence and anticipation of a client’s needs.
– Robert J. De Luca, BTKM Properties

Catherine Marriott negotiated with some very tough people. She protected me and brought home the glory! I can depend on Ms. Marriott to handle my risks, bring clarity to the situation and deliver the best deal possible.
– April Bass, AB Limerick Properties LT

We worked with Katie Marriott on the purchase of a new facility with environmental issues and the sale of former facility. On the purchase, we had one month to get to the settlement table and lots of hurdles to overcome. Katie crossed the finish line early with grace and professionalism! Katie has a dogged determination to get the job done, is fair to all parties, while having her client’s goals clearly set as her top priority. In addition, she makes herself available at all times! There are lower-priced law firms out there, but the true measure is the value of the service. You will not mind approving the bill once you see the results! SOGT has consistently exceeded my expectations. They are true professionals and quality people as well.
– Phil Herman, President/CEO, PH Tool LLC

To My Very Hardworking And Dedicated Friends At SOGT:
Forgive me for getting this letter to you at this late hour, in light of the fact that we settled almost 24 hours ago. I would be absolutely remiss if I let one more minute get by without thanking you – Ashleigh, Katie and Chuck – for your masterful job in getting this building purchase done. It seems like nothing I push your way is ever easy, but I can’t praise you enough for your patience, thoroughness and general level of professionalism throughout this [frequently frustrating] deal. A special bravo to you, Ashleigh, for coming out of motherhood to save my bacon at the eleventh hour – you make it look so easy. You handled yourself so confidently and professionally at the close yesterday, that you looked like an old pro. And Katie, your work on vetting the first building out of our thinking saved me millions of dollars (literally) and a lot of headaches. You were a wonderful backstop to Ashleigh and I thank you. You’re all superstars and you play like a really well-oiled machine. Thanks for being the best partners a businessman could hope to have in his corner.
– Anonymous

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